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You can apply for the beta here (email address required).

When your subscription is confirmed, the company will let you know as soon as the site is live and ready for public beta.

Apple computer users are some of the most devoted and passionate on the planet.

But can Macbooks, i Pads and i Phones actually unite people in love? The company, which launched its online dating service for Apple fanboys and fangirls in 2010, is expanding with a new i Phone app that’s described as the “first-ever Mac-inspired dating app designed exclusively for fans of Apple products.” Tech Crunch just wrote about the new app, but what caught my interest was the background of the creators.

“We’re privately funded and would love to discuss interesting partnership opportunities,” they add.

Sampat told her that if they ever broke up he would date someone who likes Apple products.I asked Kelkar, a former software architect on Windows Live who still lives in the Seattle area and is now working full-time on Cupidtino, what it’s like building an Apple-focused dating site in Microsoft’s backyard.A self-described Apple fanboy himself, Kelkar said it’s really no big deal.There is so much to admire about Apple's current business culture, from the company's installation of suicide nets in Chinese factories to their recently uncovered shell game of tax evasion, so you and your Mac-ophile date should have lots to discuss. If you’re an Apple fan worried that you’ll end up with a PC user, worry no more.It is difficult to see how being an "Apple Fan" means anything now that the company is a tech behemoth.Finding it novel that you and the apple of your eye own Macs and i Phones is about as sensible as being impressed that both you and your date shop at Wal-Mart or purchase clothes made in Asian sweatshops. Fuller Disclosure: the author used to work at the Apple Store and found it to be the most soul-crushing experience of his life.“It doesn’t feel any different than working on any other unrelated idea/startup,” he tells Geek Wire.“The fact that we are in Microsoft’s backyard hasn’t helped/hurt our work.” The Cupidtino team is actually split between Seattle and California, with Kelkar saying they still have a number of friends at the software giant and “respect many aspects about Microsoft as a company.” But I doubt that means there will be Windows Phone app for Cupidtino anytime soon.Called Cupidtino, an homage to Apple's home base in Cupertino, Calif., the site aims to connect Apple aficionados with like-minded "Machearts." The idea is that if you love the i Phone and Mac maker's products you might be best suited to date a fellow Apple fan.Profile pages on the site reveal such intimate details as earliest Apple product purchases and lists of favorite i Phone apps.

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