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It offers a Couples Kit (only 9 with free shipping) to determine whether the other person is really relationship material.

It goes beyond the usual sniff test, also analyzing four genetic variants linked to emotional response, empathy, risk taking and adventurous behaviors—what the company refers to as neurocompatibility.

For just .99, plus a membership fee of per month, the company uses information it gathers from DNA swabbed from your cheek — sent by mail, 23and Me-style — plus personality traits gleaned from your social media profile, to identify people in your area with whom you’re compatible.

The problem: there’s little science that says genetics has anything to do with attraction or compatibility.

Social media also serves to prevent dating “fraud” by showing that the “rugged athletic type” is someone who takes selfies of himself pounding beers at Packers games.

Founded in 2013, Toronto-based Instant Chemistry leaves the matchmaking to you but then provides the genetic tools to tell you if the girl of your dreams is a DNA nightmare.

The test costs 9, but that seems like a small price to pay for long-lasting romance.

Houston-based Pheramor is the latest DNA dating service to hit the app store.

That would certainly be a valuable trait for the zombie apocalypse.A genetic component of the immune system is major histocompatibility complex (called HLA in humans).The premise is that people with a greater diversity of HLA genes are more likely to be attracted to each other. What might sound like a geeky, if not cheeky, pick-up line is a sign of our times. The eventual rise of dating websites like and Plenty of Fish pretty much put Yente the Matchmaker out of business. The granddaddy of today’s dating apps, Tinder, popularized the whole swipe right-swipe left thing that reduces romance to an activity that can be done while waiting in line for the toilet at a dive bar. Of course, based on our romancing skills—we are a bunch of MBAs, after all—we vaguely recall a website launched back around 2000 called Hot or Not that harkens back to a simpler time of objectifying the opposite sex (or same sex).Here’s the assessment for a person who scores “high” on both the DNA and psychological screenings on Self Awareness: While we’re not scientists, there’s something about DNA dating that just doesn’t smell right to us.Sure, there’s real research behind some of these broader claims about genetic influences on the initial chemistry between two people.Now there are dating apps for every proclivity, from the And then there’s DNA dating.DNA dating isn’t actually all that new, as some of these companies have (perhaps somewhat amazingly) been around for a decade or longer.The company is led by a team of four Ph Ds who have bona fide credentials, even if one of them worked as a co-host of a Dr. Karmagenes’ “proprietary algorithm” builds a personalized profile from the information obtained from a psychological assessment and 14 different behavioral characteristics extracted from a DNA sample.Credit: Karmagenes One such company is Karmagenes, which claims it can link specific genetic regions with 14 major personality traits such as “innovative, social, decisive and risk taker”.

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