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We offer you some services, which will make your trip and stay in Ukraine comfortable, safe and happy.

The list of services- transfer from the airport and back on the day of your departure.

I currently work two jobs, not in my specialty sphere that I studied for in University, which is was teaching, but I really enjoy what I am doing and one of the jobs is for my independence and the other one fulfills my artistic side, both of the jobs I particularly enjoy, as I am a sociable and open person.

I am here to find my match for happy life together. I hope that you have begun reading my letter with a positive and happy mind and a big smile on your face.I like to take care of myself and to not only look pleasant on the outside but also feel strong and beautiful from the inside in order to achieve that I learnt the art of callanetics and it is incredible how strong and positive it has made me feel.In the evenings I like to relax, forget the busy world and dive into either a good book, cook a mouth watering dinner for myself or just lie on the sofa and relax watching a documentary of some sort.So why am I here, I can almost hear you asking yourself this question. Well, let me tell you, I am here to find that someone who will make me feel what I have not felt yet and that is true and unconditional deep feelings that know no limits or boundaries.I want to find that man, whose eyes will sparkle when he sees me and his smile with need no explanation and together hand in hand we can walk into the unknown future but feel safe as both will have each other.I also enjoy going to the movies and anything that requires being around people.When the weather is warm I am often found in the courtside enjoying the many stunning scenic views and enjoying the fresh air.On the day of the concert, only a handful of students show up, but the girls perform their hearts out nonetheless.Just as a power outage occurs and all hope seems lost, a whole crowd of people, who heard about the concert through Chika's sister and friends, arrive at the gym, while Dia secretly hooks up a backup generator, allowing the concert to continue.Saying that I have not been abroad to many countries, so maybe once I broaden my horizons I will begin to think a bit more different.I live on my own in a rented apartment that I absolutely adore, I overlook a beautiful park and in the early mornings I sometimes wake up to watch the sunrise in the summer, it fills me with so much positivity for the coming day.

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